Road Tanker Equipment for LPG

FAS Southern Africa - Road Tanker

LPG Road Tanker with Measuring System MA7, Compressor Unit FAS-/Blackmer 161, Pump Unit and Two Hose Reels

Our customers take advantage of a complete package of LPG valves and accessories for road tankers offered. The advantages comprise the determination of material requirements and technical support up to layout and adjustment of components, as well as the dispatch of the complete package. We have extended our market share in this segment considerably by means of our consolidated expert knowledge as well as technical consulting and after sales service.

In addition FAS disposes of a large stock of all current components customary in this particular market and of spare parts so that short-term requirements can be handled. We are also able to provide higher numbers of complete sets within shortest.

Our expert staff repairs defective road tanker equipment in our workshop in Salzgitter.

We supply the complete road tanker equipment such as e.g.:

- Measuring systems optionally with printer, such as e.g.:
> CORIOLIS-Masse-Durchflussmessgerät LPG-mass, PROMASS 80E, PROMASS 83E, PROMASS 84F
> LC-Measuring systems MA5, MA7, MA15

- Pumps and pump units, such as e.g.:
> Corken Z2000, Z3200, Z4200
> FAS-NZ Serie
> Blackmer LGB1, LGL2", LGL 3", LGL 4"
> Further types and manufacturers on request.

- Compressors and compressor units, such as e.g.:
> FAS-/Blackmer 161, 162, 361, 362, 601, 602, 942
> FAS-/Corken 91, 291, 491, 691, 891
> Further types and manufacturers on request.

- Hose reels

- FAS-Magnetic liquid level gauges

- Valves and armatures, such as e.g.:
> REGO Internal valves
> Filler connections
> Ball valves
> Safety relief valves
> High pressure hose lines / flexible hose lines
> Strainers
> Wheel wedge
> Cable drums

- Further customer-specific components
Additionally we offer the following:

- Planning and design

- Project-related system control

- Complete installation and repairs at factory in Salzgitter

- Service and maintenance

MID-Measuring Plant FAS-Cori 400 EU with Operator Keyboard, Printer and Hose Reel