LPG Pumps and LPG Pump Units

  • icon11_pumpenaggregateLPG suction pumps and LPG suction pump units, electrically driven
  • LPG submersible motor pumps and LPG submersible motor pump units,
    electrically driven
  • LPG feed pumps and LPG feed pump units, electrically or hydraulically operated
  • Capacity 10 up to 4.500 liters per hour
  • Magnetically coupled LPG pumps
  • Pumps and pump units for AUTOGAS filling stations, LPG terminals, LPG road tankers, LPG gas supply systems etc.
  • Special solutions for other industrial gases on request
  • Many further pump models on request.
  • Makes for other media: Corken, Edur, SIHI, FAS
  • Suction pumps and FAS suction pump units with following sample pump types:
    - Corken FD-150
    - FAS AP-Serie
    - SIHI CEHA 3108/7, CEHA 3607/7, CEHA 4108/7, CEHB 1207/6
  • Submersible motor pumps and FAS submersible motor pump units with following sample pump types:
    - Ebsray RX10, RX33
    - Gilbarco Veeder Root Premier, MidFlow, High Flow
    - SIHI CEBA 2003
  • Feed pumps and FAS feed pump units with following
    sample pump types:
    - Blackmer LGB, LGL, ZLGL3-HDP, TLGLD, LGLD
    - Corken FD-150, Z-2000, Z-3200, Z-3500, Z-4200, Z-4500
    - Ebsray RC20, RC25
    - FAS NZ-Serie
    - SIHI SC2003, SC2004, CEH 1202, CEH 4102, CEH 6108
    - Viking GG-4195, HJ-4195, HL-4195
  • LPG:
  • Other media: Further information on request